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Job Details

Forest and Conservation Workers

Under supervision, perform manual labor necessary to develop, maintain, or protect areas such as forests, forested areas, woodlands, wetlands, and rangelands through such activities as raising and transporting seedlings; combating insects, pests, and diseases harmful to plant life; and building structures to control water, erosion, and leaching of soil. Includes forester aides, seedling pullers, and tree planters. 

Employment Outlook
Growth Rate Click for more information on Growth rate 0.5%
Openings Per Year Click for more information on Employment outlook 222
Median Hourly Click for more information on Median Hourly Wage $9.65 per hour
Average Click for more information on Average Wage $26,550 per year
Education Needed Click for more information on Education needed Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, or an associate's degree. 
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