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Education Details

Network Security Administrator
Award type: Journey-Level Completion Certificate

Program Details
Program Overview for Network Security Administrator
ETP eligible Click for more information on Eligible Training Provider
Program website
Program contact
Jennifer Carlson
(206) 448-3033
Program description
The apprentice shall receive on the job instruction and experience as is necessary to become a qualified journey-level worker versed in the theory and practice of the occupation covered by these Standards. Employers/training agents shall only use registered apprentices to perform the work processes as stated in this section. [WAC 296-05-303(5)(f)].
Financial Information
Journey level pay
Program Information
Length of training
1 Year
Award type
Journey-Level Completion Certificate
Clock hours
Locations offered
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Offered evenings/weekends
Offered onlineno
Entrance requirements
Minimum qualifications must be clearly stated and applied in a nondiscriminatory manner [WAC 296-05-015(17)]. At least 18 years of age. Must be a High School graduate or equivalent. Must be able to perform the work of the occupations that is herein defined. Must be sponsored by a registered training agent of Apprenti. Candidates who are not United States citizens must demonstrate work eligibility throughout the duration of the term of apprenticeship. Note: For more information on how to apply for and enter Apprenti apprenticeship program or find information about education and training that is recognized by Apprenti please visit
Certification/license required to work in this field
Certification/license obtained as part of training program
Certification/license test preparation provided