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Education Details

Cloud Operations Specialist 1
Award type: Journey-Level Completion Certificate

Program Details
Program Overview for Cloud Operations Specialist 1
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Program website
Program contact
Jennifer Carlson
(206) 448-3033
Program description
The apprentice shall receive on the job instruction and work experience as is necessary to become a qualified journey-level worker versed in the theory and practice of the occupation covered by these Standards. The Apprentice shall be instructed and trained in all operations and methods customarily used in their trade. Each shop will adhere to as closely as facilities will permit and as approved by the Apprenticeship Committee. Retention of the apprentice on a particular operation beyond the established time should not occur unless there is a definite need for further training in the process. Refer to the apprentice work progress record for additional information related to specific work processes.
Financial Information
Total program tuition
Journey level pay
Program Information
Length of training
1 Year
Award type
Journey-Level Completion Certificate
Clock hours
Locations offered
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Offered evenings/weekends
Offered onlineno
Entrance requirements
Minimum qualifications must be clearly stated and applied in a nondiscriminatory manner [WAC 296-05-015(17)]. At least 18 years of age. Must be a High School graduate or equivalent. Must be able to perform the work of the occupations that is herein defined. Must be sponsored by a registered training agent of Apprenti. Candidates who are not United States citizens must demonstrate work eligibility throughout the duration of the term of apprenticeship. Note: For more information on how to apply for and enter Apprenti apprenticeship program or find information about education and training that is recognized by Apprenti please visit
Certification/license required to work in this field
Certification/license obtained as part of training program
Certification/license test preparation provided