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Education Details

Paralegal Studies
Award type: Certificate
Whatcom Community College

Program Details
Program Overview for Paralegal Studies
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Whatcom Community College
Program website
Program contact
Entry & Advising
(360) 383-3080
Program description
The program provides students with the knowledge and skills for entry into paralegal careers in public or private law offices and law-related agencies.
Financial Information
Average $1,720/qtr (WA resident), including tuition, fees, books, supplies, etc.
Tuition per credit
WA resident $113.59 (1-10 credits) $53.26 (11-18 credits) $96.53 (19+ credits)
Total program tuition
$6,880 (WA resident), including tuition, fees, books, supplies, etc.
$20 (one-time placement testing), $30/lab class (lab fee), $20/qtr (bus pass), $6.32/credit (rec fee)
Books and materials
Average $225/qtr
Supplies, tools, uniform
Average $50/qtr (general academic supplies)
Program Information
Length of training
9 to 12 months
Award type
Locations offered
Main Location view map
Public transportation service: Whatcom Transportation Authority

some courses online
Offered evenings/weekends
Offered onlinesome courses online
Entrance requirements
Evidence of a bachelor's degree. ESLA 117 or placement into ENGL& 101. Completion of PLS 127, PLS 111, and BTEC 121 or BTEC 122 with a minimum grade of C or concurrent enrollment is required for all other PLS program courses.
Certification/license required to work in this field
Certification/license obtained as part of training program
Certification/license test preparation provided