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Public Health
Award type: MPH
Eastern Washington University

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Eastern Washington University
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Dr. Lynn Anidi
(800) 826-3411
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The Eastern Washington University online Master of Public Health program can give you a broad array of career options and the ability to make a difference in a meaningful wayby educating patients, slowing the spread of disease and increasing life expectancy.This online MPH degree prepares you to examine the sociological perspective of health care inequities and to develop the means to improve them. The coursework for this master's degree incorporates an integrated learning experience to match theory with real-world application. For example, you will create a Biostats toolkit to use in the field for research studiesto help you understand which statistical tool should be used to interpret and analyze data.EWUs MPH faculty has practical experience in both rural and global health communitiesgiving you an expansive view of public health learnings.As you pursue your online masters degree in public health, you can prepare for in-demand roles such as public health educator, contact tracer, community health adviser, or biostatistician. According to Burning Glass Technologies, there is more than 13 percent projected growth for Emergency Management Directors, 10 percent growth for Epidemiologists, and more than 18 percent for Health Educators in the next ten years in the Washington region.
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Application Fee: $75 PUBH 601 Portfolio Course Fee: $139
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14 Months
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