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RN Refresher Program
Award type: Certificate of Completion
A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Online Program

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Program Overview for RN Refresher Program
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A NEW DAY: RN Refresher Online Program
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Program contact
Dr. Sandra Wyrick, PhD, MN, BSN, RN
(425) 478-0779
Program description
This program is an approved RN Refresher Online Program by the Washington Department of Health Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission. This independent study RN Refresher Online Program was developed to assist re-entry nurses in meeting their personal and professional goals; by reviewing and updating their nursing knowledge, skill, and confidence. This program is offered over the internet and is completed in the student's own community and at a pace and time which best meets individual needs; enrollment is continuous. Nursing Process is used as the construct for learning and practice with emphasis on health promotion, maintenance, and restoration with the client as the central focus. The curriculum includes; 122 instructional hours of theory, skill, and a 160 hour clinical preceptorship. The content of this course has been proven over the years and has assisted in getting nurses career's back on track. At A NEW DAY: RN Refresher program, we believe our students are adult learners who can articulate their learning needs and as such are actively involved in the learning process. This course is also open to students who have an earned degree in Nursing and wish to take the course as a NCLEX practice course may do without the clinical component and for a lesser tuition price. Noncredit, continuing education.
Financial Information
Total program tuition
Books and materials
Approximately $395
Supplies, tools, uniform
Other costs
Malpractice insurance, national background check,
Program Information
Length of training
Once enrolled students have access to course for 12 consecutive months
Award type
Certificate of Completion
Clock hours
122 instructional theory/skill and 160 clinical
Locations offered
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some courses online
Offered evenings/weekends
Offered onlinesome courses online
Entrance requirements
Must hold an RN license but can be active, nonactive, probationary status OR obtain a LEL for clinical practice by the WA DOH Nursing Commission OR hold an earned nursing degree
Certification/license required to work in this field
RN license active/inactive/probation or LEA from WA Nrsg Commission OR an earned nursing degree if taking the course without the clinical to study for the NCLEX exam
Certification/license obtained as part of training program
Reactivation of Inactive or probationary RN license or endorsement of out of State RN license into a WA State RN license for practice in our State
Certification/license test preparation provided
NCLEX style Final exam and chapter review questions for those wishing to take the course for NCLEX - RN, most students already have passed the state board exam and hold an RN license.