Training providers NEW to the ETP List

  1. Register to become a Career Bridge Training Provider Portal user.
  2. Add your training provider information to Career Bridge.
  3. Fill out the "add a program" form and check the "apply for ETP status" box.
  4. Review the annual student data reporting info.
  5. Download and sign the Eligible Training Provider Assurances form and mail it in. That completes your application.
  6. Career Bridge staff will review your application and get back to you via email.

Current Providers--Add new program/apply for ETP for existing programs

  1. New program: Fill out the "add a program" form. Then check the "apply for ETP status" box.
  2. Seeking ETP status for an existing program? Open the existing program form and click the "apply for ETP status" box.
  3. Career Bridge staff will review your application. If staff have questions, they will get back to you via email.  


More about Washington's Eligible Training Provider List

Programs on Washington's Eligible Training Provider (ETP) List are eligible to receive the following state and federal funds: 

ETP-eligible programs must meet minimum performance standards for completion, employment, and earnings. This helps ensure training dollars are spent on quality programs.

The state's WIOA Policy No. 5611: Governor's Procedure for Determining Training Program Eligibility outlines how programs are evaluated to be part of this list.


Types of programs considered for ETP eligibility:

1. Post-high school education and training approved or licensed by one of the following:

2. Registered Apprenticeship programs approved by the Department of Labor and Industries

3. In some cases, a training program is exempt from oversight by one of the government agencies above. In this instance, it must be approved by a local Workforce Development Council. There are 12 councils that address the workforce needs of different regions of the state. They operate the WorkSource career center system

4. To be considered for the Washington ETP List, training providers must have a permanent training location in Washington state.

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